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 Hello Ellensburg and Virtual world!

My name is Brittainy Simpson, Soul aligned healer. Wild soul. Weirdo. Entrepreneur. Intuitive guide, with a warriors heart.


Specialties include:

massage therapy: Swedish, myofascial release technique, injury massage, deep tissue, manual lymphatic drainage

Energy work: Chakra healing and balancing, crystal healing, crystal grids, access consciousness, intuitive healing.

I have practiced massage therapy for 13 years, energy work for 6 years and have been a healer my whole life. One of the most important journeys for me was my own healing. But that wasn't all, I realized my path was so much more than that. I came to this planet to thrive and to prosper and that has been a much harder journey, and one, I am currently still on. To enjoy my life, to be my whole weird wild self. And what I've learned from my own human experience is what I have to share with you here in this online space. 

I Believe in you. 


You always have somewhere to turn for wisdom, power and strength. Within ourselves, are the keys to changing everything.

I think the ability to recover from anything is honestly the most amazing thing a person can do. 


I invite you to love yourself unconditionally, to say yes to what lights you up and prosper on all levels.


Enjoy the hell out of yourself and your life!

With all the love and then some, 


Brittainy Simpson 



Soul gem healing in Ellensburg, has many offerings in person and virtual.

Offerings include:

an online subscription called Unravel the spiral recorded healing video library, tutorials, exercises, daily rituals and more. Its a great platform if you need more support than a one on one session provides and is cost effective. It also includes a sister page on face book! Check it out below! 

One on one healing sessions are available Virtually or in person as well as other online offerings.


Sessions include:

Ancient healing

massage therapy

rune meditation

oracle readings

access bars 

check out the appointments page for more!

spa stones

Intuitive energy work, crystals and chakras.


Energy work is an intuitive ancient practice. Intention is everything. We will be releasing what you have outgrown and no longer serves you. Activating personal growth and development, through the chakras.  


-available virtual or in person-



$10.99 a month

Offerings include recorded healing videos around different aspects such as unblocking energy and the chakras, content  and tutorials on how to hone your intuition, create energetic boundaries, self healing exercises and much more. 


For more details or to join 

click the link below:


These sessions provide guidance, wisdom and support in navigating your path forward.


-available virtual or in person-


Massage therapy is an intuitive approach to healing, which treats the whole person.

Whether your needs are to unwind and relax, to receive a full body "tune up" or simply to feel amazing. Massage is a way to give your body the space and environment it needs to heal. 



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Ellensburg, WA 98926

Tel: 509 - 930 - 5888

Fax: 509 - 651-9969

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