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Crystal-healing, alternative medicine, psychic

Soul Gem Healing 

Welcome to Soul Gem Healing!

Located in Kittitas county, Washington.


Soul Gem Healing offers:

Ancient Healing

Channeled readings

Monthly group healing circles

Monthly subscription starting at $15 a month.

Monthly Newsletter


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Services available virtually or in person

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Crystal-Healing-Practice, alternative medicine

Ancient Healing
A transformational healing experience for your whole being. 

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Monthly Healing Circles
Join us for connection
healing and transformation.
Reserve your spot below!
Crystals, psychic reading

Channeled Reading 

Clarity, insight and perspective and positive grow. A reading can assist in all areas of your life.

  • Multiple Dates
    Tue, Oct 17
    Virtual event
    Oct 17, 6:30 PM PDT – Oct 18, 7:30 PM PDT
    Virtual event
    Oct 17, 6:30 PM PDT – Oct 18, 7:30 PM PDT
    Virtual event
    Amplify your magic, set new intentions, experience group Healing and connect with kindred spirits. Join us for the monthly new moon group healing event!

Recorded Crystal healing sessions 
Starting at $15 a month

Single Products available

Subscription Library

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Monthly medicine exclusively for the soul gem tribe.


Brittainy Simpson

alternative medicine, psychic, crystal healer

My name is Brittainy Simpson,

Healer. Psychic. Wild soul. Entrepreneur.  

 Licensed massage therapist of 15 years. Alternative healer of 7 years and psychic healer my whole life. My purpose is to share my sacred medicine with you, here in this space. My medicine comes from own my soul knowing, through my sacred channel of divine expression. It includes what I've learned through my human experience, my journey.

I believe we are timeless, ancient as the stars. If we choose to claim our heritage and say yes to our soul selves, we can be wild and free, sovereign and abundant. When we come home to ourselves and claim our own medicine, we are truly human, and truly divine.

I Believe in you... 

You always have somewhere to turn for wisdom, power and strength.

Within ourselves, are the keys to changing everything.

I think the ability to recover from anything is honestly the most amazing thing a person can do. 

I invite you to claim and accept your whole self, to say yes to what lights you up and wildly prosper in all aspects of life.

All the love and then some, 

Brittainy Simpson 


Specialties and modalities include:

  LMT, channeled readings, quantum healing, chakra alignment, certified crystal healing, intuitive healing, oracle & rune readings, access consciousness, and group healing facilitator. 



Mailing address:

P.O. BOX 1111

Kittitas, WA 98934

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Tel: 509 - 930 - 5888

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