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Monthly Subscription:

Recorded healing video library, live events, community chat, bonus content daily medicine, business medicine and rituals for transformation and growth.


Full Access $22 


You can enjoy a channeled energy healing session from the comfort of your couch. This recording includes Energy healing with malachite crystal. Deeply peaceful and healing. 



Energy Healing


The spiral is one of our most ancient and enduring symbols, it represents the winding journeys we must take inward if we're to truly know and love ourselves. From these never-ending journeys we heal and return with infinitely more power and wisdom. 

The Soul gem Tribe library offers:

Recorded healing sessions that can be received time and time again for personal healing and self care.


Content that provides resources & tools to navigate your own healing journey and your path as a healer.

Soul gem tribe private Facebook group to connect with kindred spirits.

Get clear on what you truly desire on a soul level.

Access your truest, most authentic self. Discover your purpose. Embody your light. Be the powerful wild soul you came here to be.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. If you are experiencing any problems you should seek the advice of a qualified GP.

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